Pre-Purchase Home Inspections in Houston

RW Home Inspections in Houston takes the guesswork out of buying a home. Whether this is your first home, upsize for your growing family, or you’re downsizing – you need a home inspector you can trust to find issues or concerns BEFORE you buy. RW Home Inspections provides the most thorough pre-purchase home inspections in Houston. How do we know? Because we go above and beyond the minimal inspection requirements. We do things like inspect all wall outlets, not just one or two, and we allow the buyer to be on-site while the inspection takes place. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions or see first-hand any potential complications. As a former Houston area home builder and professional real estate inspector, we know where builders cut corners and what issues Houston homes of every style exhibit.

Components of Our Pre-Owned Home Inspection:


  • EXTERIOR INSPECTION – Foundation, Exterior Walls, Windows, Doors, & Door Glazing. Exterior Sealing & Caulking, Slab Inspection, Gutters & Downspouts, Drainage & Grading, Roof Covering & Flashing, Patios/Decks, Garage


  • INTERIOR INSPECTION – Interior Walls, Ceilings, and Floors. Interior Windows & Doors, Safety Glass, Interior Caulking & Sealing, Stairwell, Attic Ladder, Roof Framing, Structure, & Attic, Flues & Vents, Attic Insulation


  • MECHANICAL INSPECTION – Water Heater, Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave, Range, Oven, Refrigerator, Vent Hood, Trash Compactor, Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Bath Heat, Whole House Vacuum, Door Bell, Smoke Alarm, Attic Power Vents, Garage Door & Opener, Sprinkler System, Jacuzzi &/or Whirlpool, Ceiling Fans, and the Fireplace


  • HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING INSPECTION – Air Conditioner Specs, Pipe Insulation, A/C Disconnect, Type Heat, Ducts & Vents


  • PLUMBING INSPECTION – Kitchen, Utility Room, Master Bathroom, Second Bathroom, Third Bathroom (if applicable), 1/2 Bathroom (if applicable), Water Supply


  • ELECTRICAL INSPECTION – Panel Box and/or Sub Panel, Switches, Fixtures, & Outlets, Kitchen outlets, Overhead Wiring including Masthead

Why You Need a Pre-Offer Home Inspection


Every time you buy a new home, pre-owned home, or condo, it’s important to schedule a pre-offer home inspection from a qualified home inspector. Trusting the builder, seller, or seller’s agent to be forth-coming about the condition the home is never a good idea. While some items may be disclosed, it takes a professional home inspector to fully inspect the structural, mechanical, and electrical systems in the home. Knowing what is beyond the pretty paint and landscaping will help you make a better offer on the home and ensure you won’t run into unexpected repair work after you close.


Be Sure to Include an Option Period in Your Real Estate Contract


If you are ready to purchase a home in Houston, and you’ve conducted the pre-offer home inspection, the final way to protecting your investment is to include an Option Period in your purchase contract. Including an Option Period in your contract will allow you to agree on a price by contract, but not commit you to the contract until the Option Period has ended. This gives you a little breathing room to conduct a final inspection and get peace of mind on this major investment.