“Option Period” Home Inspections


When you buy a home in Houston, you will enter into a real estate contract that may or may not include an “Option Period.” The Option Period in Texas is a clause that is written into the real estate contract that specifies a number of days a buyer has to terminate the contract for any reason, without risking the monetary deposit. As the buyer, it is important to schedule an Option Period home inspection by a qualified, experienced, professional. RW Home Inspections has been providing Option Period home inspections in Houston that offer Texans peace of mind that thee home they are buying is issue-free. If your real estate contract includes an Option Period, be sure to request an inspection right away to allow us ample time to inspect your home before you are locked into the contract.

Real Estate Home Inspection

Before you enter a real estate contract for the purchase of a home in Houston, it’s important to request a inspection from RW Home Inspection. As a leader in real estate inspections, RW Home Inspections has earned the trust of home buyers and realtors in the Houston area. Inspections can be completed before the close of the sale and provide the home buyer with a complete assessment of the condition of the home. Real Estate Home Inspections can be completed before the offer, during the “Option Period”, or before the home warranty expires. Call RW Home Inspections at (713) 385-6456 for the most thorough real estate inspection in Houston.

RW Home Inspections has 14+ years experience conducting inspections during all critical phases of home building and purchasing.


Richard W. Washington, owner and operator of RW Home Inspections, is a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors since 2004. He also holds Texas Professional Inspector License #7238 from the Texas Real Estate Commission – the highest inspector designation in the state.


In addition to providing home inspection services for homes ranging from 1 to 100 years old, Richard also has the experience needed for those buyers building a new home. He worked as Houston area home builder.


He is the 2016 Vice President of the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association-TPREIA (Houston Chapter). Richard also completes a minimum of 32 hours of continuing education. This is 2x the number of hours required by the state.

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