Builder Warranty Inspections for New Houston Homes

1-Year Warranty Inspections in Houston

This inspection ensures that home defects left uncorrected during construction are documented and known to the builder before the new home warranty expires. Oftentimes, once a home has been occupied, the AC will need to be balanced due to the furniture, soil settlement, and other factors. The builder WILL NOT contact you for a reminder. We recommend calling RW Home Inspections at (713) 385-6456 at-least one month prior to your home warranty expiring, so there is ample time to inspect, document, and submit a warranty claim.


11-Month Warranty Inspections in Houston


An 11-Month Warranty Inspection from RW Home Inspections could save you thousands. If you’ve been living in your home for almost a year, you’ve probably noticed that things don’t seem right. Most builder warranties are good for one year, so it’s important that at the 11th month you schedule a warranty inspection. Typical construction flaws can go unnoticed for several years. Your drywall is up, and your home is decorated, so most people are not qualified to inspect potential issues. RW Home Inspections wants to identify, and address, threats while your home is under warranty. Waiting for the problem to occur can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. This last chance inspection is your opportunity to get peace of mind regarding the weird noises, cracks or chips, or other warning signs. It’s also an opportunity to have a professional inspector on your side to point out issues and help hold the builder accountable.

New Home Inspector in Houston

If your home was built in the last year, it’s time to review your 1-year builder’s warranty. RW Home Inspections will help ensure that your home is up-to-code and that your structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems are operating properly. Call us today at (713) 385-6456 to schedule a Builder’s Warranty Inspection in Houston.

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