Complete Phase inspections for New Homes in Houston

Texas’ economy is better than ever, so it’s no surprise that the Houston real estate market is booming. New subdivisions are popping up across the city, and with the large number of local contractors, sub-contractors, and laborers on each project, it’s crucial to hire RW Home Inspections for every phase of the build. The builder is working for the seller. The faster they can build, the sooner they get paid. We ensure your interests are being met and the safety of your family and your investment comes first. When you hire RW Home Inspections as your new construction phase inspector, we provide inspections at 3 phases of your new home build. The three phases are: Phase I Pre-Pour Inspection, Phase II Frame Inspection, and Phase III Final Inspection.

Phase I Pre-Pour Inspections

The first inspection included in our phase inspection service is a pre-pour inspection. We go out to the job site and ensure all the prep work is completed prior to the concrete being poured. We make sure your home is getting a proper foundation and structural integrity for years of solid support. We look at the excavation for things like roots and rocks. We also inspect the integrity of the vapor barrier, look for proper sleeving and installation of rough plumbing penetrations, test for apparent form brace strength, ensure appropriate spacing of post-tensioning cable, reinforcing bar patterns, proper sill anchor installation and more.

Phase II Frame Inspections

The next inspection in our phase process is your home’s frame systems. These include the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems that keep your home comfortable.

At this stage, your home looks like a house. The roof is on, the wall beams are in place, and the HVAC, plumbing and electric are installed. During the structural inspection, we ensure the integrity of your house. We inspect all of the framing, load bearing, roofing system, and all roof penetrations. We inspect all electrical wiring and the connections that will be behind the walls.

Proper electrical connections and wire gauge is important in preventing electrical fires. During the mechanical inspection, we approve the installation of the furnace, air conditioner, water heater, and any other mechanical systems. We check the ductwork and make sure the connections are made properly, so that air flows into your rooms and not between the walls. The final system check is for the plumbing. We inspect all the visible pipes and connections to the fixtures to make sure there are nail guards installed and that there are no water leaks.

Phase III Final Inspection

At this phase, your home is fully built and operational. We go through the entire home and inspect the structure, mechanical systems, and appliances. We inspect the flooring, cabinetry and other options that were included in your new home build. At this stage we are ensuring what you ordered is in full working condition, with no concerns for quality. We provide a thorough inspection where you can be present – if you choose. At the end of our inspection, you will get a detailed summary of what we did, what we found, and anything of concern. We will include photos as needed.

New Construction Inspections in Houston

When it comes to investing in a new construction home, you want to be sure you are getting quality materials and a home that is built to code. RW Home Inspections ensures you are getting what you paid for and a home that will be safe for years to come. When you decide to purchase a new construction home, call RW Home Inspection in Houston at (713) 385-6456 for the best in new construction phase inspections.