Home Inspection Services

IMPORTANT: All utilities must be turned ON for a complete inspection. This includes Electricity, Water, and Natural Gas!! Vacant homes often have the Gas turned off so please verify.  If the utilities are ON then the water heater(s) and furnaces must have the gas valves turned ON and the appliances operating.

For a Complete Inspection of Occupied Homes storage items must be moved so that access can be attained to the electrical panelboard, water heaters, furnaces, heaters, attic ladders, garage scuttle hole doors, or half attic doors.

Our home inspection services are performed for buyers in the following situations:

  • Pre-owned Home Inspection: For homes that are currently or previously lived in. This can include townhomes. Refer to the Inspected Areas tab for a complete list of the home’s many inspected components.


  • Final Inspection of New Construction: The home should be at the finished stage which would mean generally that appliances, sod, and carpet are installed. Has the builder installed your electrical, plumbing, mechancial, roof structure, etc. properly? Would you know? The builder wants to close your home, period……Most builders want to build a quality home however are normally under such a tight time frame that items may be overlooked both intentionally or unintentionally. If items that are not readily visible, other than paint or obvious damage, are not installed properly the builder is more than likely not going to create more work for themselves by pointing them out. It human nature. The superintendent is normally carrying 10, 15, or more other homes so cannot devote the kind of attention we would devote to locate construction errors. Do you, as a homeowner, want to take time off of work, to be home so the builder can correct problems that should have been corrected when the home was built? Of course not! We will often come back to do a reinspection during your builder walk thru to insure that your builder REALLY did make the necessary repairs outlined in our report. You would be very surprised at the inspections we have done where the builder thought they made the repair or claimed they made the repair but doing the reinspection had not.


  • New Construction Phased Inspections Consisting of 3 Inspections: a pre-pour, framing, and as mentioned above the final inspection. Pre-foundation pour. The pre-pour inspection verifies that the formwork, plumbing grounds, rebar, polywrap, etc. are installed properly. A must inspection to ensure the pre-pour inspection repairs were made, the formwork is still without damage.


  • Framing (pre-drywall) Inspection: This inspection will check for proper fire blocking, flashing, anchor bolts, wiring protection, vapor barrier, joist hangars, let in’s, door headers, studs, sole plates, sealing, siding, notching, installed mechanical, roof, and roof structure. In addition, are the smoke alarms installed in the right areas? Are the outlets installed to the right distances at each room of the home? Once the drywall is installed most of these items will be covered up so it is important that these areas be inspected for quality assurance and peace of mind.


  • 1 Year Builder Warranty: This inspection insures that home defects not corrected during construction are documented and presented to the builder before the new home warranty expires. Oftentimes, once a home has been occupied the AC will need to be balanced due to the furniture, soil settlement has caused movement in the home, and other homeowner concerns that have arisen only after occupying the home can be investigated.


  • Additionally, we can arrange a termite inspection, water well inspection, septic inspection, pool inspection, energy audit and/or radon testing. The components of your home inspection are outlined below. With all of these areas to check you can see why it will take us some time to properly inspect your home. The inspection will involve taking many notes and photos regarding issues with any of the below items.

Components of a Home Inspection:

Foundation, Exterior Walls, Windows, Doors, & Door Glazing. Exterior Sealing & Caulking, Gutters & Downspouts, Drainage & Grading, Roof Covering & Flashing, Patios/Decks, Garage


Interior Walls, Ceilings, and Floors. Interior Windows & Doors, Safety Glass, Interior Caulking & Sealing, Stairwell, Attic Ladder, Roof Framing, Structure, & Attic, Flues & Vents, Attic Insulation


Water Heater, Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave, Range, Oven, Refrigerator, Vent Hood, Trash Compactor, Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Bath Heat, Whole House Vacuum, Door Bell, Smoke Alarm, Attic Power Vents, Garage Door & Opener, Sprinkler System, Jacuzzi &/or Whirlpool, Ceiling Fans, and the Fireplace


Air Conditioner Specs, Pipe Insulation, A/C disconnect, Type Heat, Ducts & Vents


Kitchen, Utility Room, Master Bathroom, Second Bathroom, Third Bathroom (if applicable), 1/2 Bathroom (if applicable), Water Supply


Panel Box and/or Sub Panel, Switches, Fixtures, & Outlets, Kitchen outlets, Overhead Wiring including Masthead.

Other Inspection Services:

Wood Destroying Insect a.k.a. Termite Inspections, Pool Inspections, and Septic/ Water Well inspections.  We can refer you to highly qualified companies that we know and trust for these inspections however do not perform them.