Tips For Choosing Your Home Construction Inspector

Tips For Choosing A Home Construction Inspector

What do you think of when you hear the words “home inspector?” Odds are you picture a professional analyzing an old building to make sure it hasn’t been damaged by mold, termites, or storms. But new buildings need inspections, too. No matter how recently they were built or how advanced the construction methods, new buildings may have serious structural or mechanical problems that need to be caught and addressed early. RW Home Inspections offers new house inspection services all over the Houston area, so you can make sure the new building you buy is up to code.

How Do I Select the Home Inspector for My Newly-Constructed Home ?

When selecting a professional to perform a new house inspection, your first step should always be making sure they have the proper qualifications. Under Texas law, real estate inspectors need to obtain at least 16 hours of continuing education. Of course, if an inspector pursues even more education than that, they’re likely to do an even better job. But never work with an inspector who is behind on this education or hesitates to show you evidence that they have it.

Besides meeting the education requirement, you need to make sure that your inspector can perform all the specific work necessary to make sure your new home is safe. This includes not only examining the structure of the building for flaws and risks, but also taking a look at the electrical system, HVAC equipment, insulation, crawlspaces, and other key parts of the house. A flaw in any of these areas can undermine sanitation, put you and your family in danger, or drive your bills through the roof. If an inspector can’t check these things, they won’t be able to give you a complete inspection.

In addition to assessing an inspector’s skills and qualifications, pay attention to their experience. The most experienced inspectors are those who have not only worked on a large number of houses over a long period of time, but who also have worked on lots of different types of houses. Find someone who has inspected new homes of many different shapes and sizes that were built with multiple construction methods. The broader their experience, the more capable they will be of accounting for the unique features of your new home during the inspection.

Finally, you should ask the inspector for references from past clients. Look in particular for clients who were buying new homes that resemble yours as closely as possible. Get in touch with those clients and ask them how good a job the inspector did, whether they overlooked anything important, and whether they solved any serious problems. If an inspector has done well in the past, you can trust them to keep doing well in the future.

From our extensive experience to our glowing client testimonials to our commitment to completing at least 32 hours of ongoing education, RW Home Inspections upholds the highest standards of home inspections. For more information, contact us today.