Guide To Choosing Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Initial Inspections: Choosing Your Pre Purchase Home Inspection

Due to Houston’s booming economy and diverse, eclectic culture, more and more people are flocking to the “Space City”. The population of the Greater Houston area has grown from just over 4 million in 2000 to nearly 6.5 million now, making it the fifth most populous metropolis in the United States.


As exciting as it is to make Houston your home, it’s important to prepare. That begins with conducting a thorough pre-purchase home inspection on the house. Only once you’ve taken care of this can you be sure that your new home will be safe, healthy, and livable for the long haul. RW Home Inspections performs comprehensive real estate inspection services in the Houston area, so you can make sure you’re getting the home of your dreams.

How Do I Select My Pre-Purchase Home Inspector?
The point of conducting this inspection is to find any problems with the home that might affect your health, your safety, or the value of your property down the line. Since these problems can come in many forms, you need to find an inspector who knows how to find them. To find out if you can rely on an inspector, pay attention to their:

    • Skill Selection – The best pre-purchase home inspectors have a wide variety of inspection skills that let them identify and assess a range of different problems. Specifically, they should inspect the entire building, its HVAC and plumbing equipment, its electrical wiring, its roof, its crawlspace, and anything used for insulation or ventilation. If an inspector cannot check all these things, they will have no way of knowing whether the house will remain safe, healthy, or financially viable.


    • Level of Experience – As with any service provider, the more experience your home inspector has, the better a job they’ll do. Experience in this field doesn’t just mean being in business for a long time. It also means working on an array of houses, ideally of many sizes, ages, and configurations. The more types of houses an inspector has worked on, the easier it will be for them to identify problems specific to the layout and build of your home.


    • Track Record – When finding out whether a home inspector will do a good job, don’t just take their word for it. Ask their past customers how well they did. See if those customers can give you examples of problems the inspector found and eliminated, as well as issues they failed to detect. The more detail you get about how they performed in the past, the more you’ll know about what they’ll do in the future.


  • Warranty Coverage – Look for a home inspector who covers their work with a warranty of a year or longer. Not only does this protect you in case something goes wrong, but it suggests that the inspector is confident they will do a good job.


In addition to finding someone who provides all these services, you need to make sure your all phase home inspector is independent of the construction company. It’s common for construction companies to perform their own inspections, which they often present as a bonus benefit for their clients. Since construction firms have an incentive to make themselves look good, they’re likely to pressure inspectors to downplay any problems they find. Only an independent inspector can be trusted to accurately assess the building at every phase.


RW Home Inspections has the experience, skills, and track record to conduct all pre-purchase home inspections efficiently and effectively. For more information or to request our services, visit our website today.