Option Period Guide: Finding An Inspector For This Critical Phase

When does a contract become final? You might think it’s the moment you and the other party sign it. But if that contract is to purchase a house, you actually have a while before you’re locked into it. Known as the Option Period, this span of time is the perfect opportunity to get the house inspected. If the inspector finds any problem with the building, you’re still free to back out of the contract, regardless of what the problem is or whether the contract has a provision for it. RW Home Inspections offers option period inspections throughout the Houston area, so you can make sure everything is fine with your building before you commit to it for good.

How Do I Select My Home Inspector During the Option Period?

Option periods tend to be relatively short, usually lasting between a week and ten days after you sign the contract. If you’re getting the building inspected during this time, find someone who will be able to work efficiently. A lot goes into home inspections, so only an inspector who is organized and productive will be able to finish the job quickly while still completing every part of the job.


Just because you need to finish the job quickly doesn’t mean you should cut corners on quality.


RW Home Inspections has extensive experience conducting inspections during the option period and other critical phases. We undergo 32 hours of continuous education, keeping our skills up to date for every part of the inspection process. To learn more about our services or get your building inspected, contact us today.

Certified Professional Inspector Houston Texas RW

Fully Qualified – Only hire an inspector who has gone through all the necessary training and who keeps their knowledge up-to-date. Texas law mandates that home inspectors need to get at least 16 hours of continuous education. Considering the rapid pace of change in home construction and inspection technology, it’s often necessary to go above-and-beyond. Choose someone who goes out of their way to keep their skills sharp.


Broadly Skilled – Option period home inspection services require checking the building’s electrical system, structural support, HVAC equipment, and countless other features. For an inspector to complete the job fully, they must have the skills to inspect each of these items. Never work with an inspector who can’t do all this, especially during a time as critical as the option period.


Highly Experienced – Choose a real estate home inspection service that has experience working with buildings of many different types. These should include both old and new buildings, as well as homes of multiple sizes and shapes. The more types of experience they have, the easier it will be for them to account for all the unique features of your home, even when working on the tight deadline of an option period.