Selecting Your All Phase Inspector

From Pre Pour To Completion: Finding An Inspector For All Phase Home Inspection Services


Successful buildings are all alike, while every shoddy construction job is shoddy in its own way. Each phase of the construction process is subject to errors, and even a single error could render the entire building unsafe. If you’re building a new home, you need to make sure it is inspected at every phase of the building process. Operating throughout the Houston area, RW Home Inspections offers the full range of new construction phase inspection services. Whenever and wherever you construct your home, we’ll make sure that it is built safely and competently from start to finish.

How Do I Select My All Phase Home Inspector?

A true all phase home inspector must check the building at the most critical parts of the construction process. Your first order of business should be to find someone who is qualified to conduct:


    • Pre Pour Inspections – Conducted at the beginning of the process, this inspection analyzes the ground to see if it has the topography necessary to support the finished house. This type of inspection allows the builder to prevent structural integrity issues, which can arise if a building is constructed on land that is uneven or covered with debris.


    • Framing Inspections – A framing inspection involves evaluating the wood, steel, and other materials that make-up the shape and support of the house. Conducting such an inspection is essential for you to make sure that the building is structurally sound and will remain that way for the long haul.


  • Final Inspections – Even when the methods used to build your home are sound, the final product may not work out. For this reason, you need to conduct an inspection at the end of the construction process. This lets you know whether the outcome is good, and if not, what steps you need to take.

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In addition to finding someone who provides all these services, you need to make sure your all phase home inspector is independent of the construction company. It’s common for construction companies to perform their own inspections, which they often present as a bonus benefit for their clients. Since construction firms have an incentive to make themselves look good, they’re likely to pressure inspectors to downplay any problems they find. Only an independent inspector can be trusted to accurately assess the building at every phase.



Finally, you have to make sure your inspector is qualified to carry out every part of the inspection process. Only work with an inspector who has the training and experience to perform electrical inspections, roof evaluations, structural analysis, and all other inspection services that come up in each phase. Otherwise, you risk hiring someone who can’t get the full job done.