What's the difference between an Inspection vs an Appraisal?

An appraisal is an analysis of a home’s value based on square footage. Typically, in the purchase of a home, a mortgage company requires that an appraisal be done to protect the lender’s interest.

A home inspection does not calculate the value of a home but will examine the various components of a home. The inspection determines the integrity and functioning ability, at the date and time of the inspection only, of the mechanical and structural systems.

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for an inspection?

Yes, please make sure that all utilities have been turned ON prior to your appointment for a complete inspection.

Is an inspection a warranty or guarantee?

An inspection is not a warranty or guarantee but a visual analysis of the electrical, mechanical, structural, and appliance components of a home. A warranty can be purchased from a home warranty company or negotiated between the buyer and seller, if so desired. An inspection makes no guarantee to represent the operation or condition of any item after the date and time of the inspection.

When will my report be ready?

We understand that time is crucial during an option period and whether to purchase a home or not. The inspector documents all findings in a professional computer generated detailed report and emailed within 36 hours of the inspection appointment.

As a buyer do I need to notify the seller of the inspection if the home is vacant?

Yes! Notify your agent of the details of the inspection once the appointment is determined. If you do not have an agent notify the seller’s agent or seller, if for sale by owner, of the date and time of the inspection.