Looking for a highly qualified, trustworthy home inspector?

10 reasons why we are the best inspector for you!

  1. Foundation Performance is determined with the most advanced foundation tool available in the market. The Zip Level 2000 by Techidea Corp. Most companies do merely a visual inspection.
  2. ALL, not just a sampling, of Electrical Receptacles (aka outlets ) are inspected for not only power but also proper wiring. Most inspection companies check just a sampling (1 per room) since the state allows it.
  3. Thermal Infrared Scan done to locate missing insulation. This is key to providing both a more comfortable and energy efficient home.
  4. Excellent Client Feedback.
  5. Christian owned business.
  6. Most Inspection Reports emailed to client within 24 hours of inspection.
  7. Inspection Reports embed photos of issues and all deficiencies are in red ink for easy reference.
  8. Inspecting homes since 2003
  9. TX Pro. Inspector Lic. #7238, TPREIA 2016 V.P., Internachi Mber. since 2004
  10. See our Google Plus page for other client feedback
Home Inspectors

A Home Inspection Could Save You Money

When you’ve found what you think could be your dream property, it’s easy to overlook any flaws you might see on initial inspection. Unfortunately, forgoing home inspection services before you complete a transaction could leave you seriously out of pocket. Not only could your purchase be full of problems that require expensive work to correct, but it may also be dangerous to occupy! Just because a property has previously been inhabited, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Why risk it? A visit from our house inspector could be all that’s needed to put your mind at rest.

RW Home Inspections Inc. – Here to Help

We are an experienced house inspection company that can complete a full range of checks on your home. These include (but aren’t limited to) consideration of your electrical wiring (including all switches and sockets), plumbing, air conditioning, mechanical appliances (dishwasher, vent hood, exhaust fans, etc), interior and exterior construction. We take the time to understand what’s going on with your property, providing the detailed reports you need to make the decisions that are right or you.

House Inspector That Can Carry Out Mold Inspections

As well as our pre-purchase surveys, our mold inspector is also able to take samples and give an accurate picture of what, if any, mold problems there are on your property. We can also carry out post-construction checks on new-build properties and after renovation, ensuring that the work has been carried out to an appropriate standard.

RW Home Inspections Inc. Are Experienced House Inspectors

Our house inspection by a qualified and experienced house inspector provides a great option for getting the information you need about a property before moving in or parting with any cash to purchase. Ideal for use when deciding on retention prior to completion, or to ensure that your contractor has completed your build to an acceptable standard, a timely inspection report may save you thousands of dollars. To find out more or schedule a visit, call us at (713) 385-6456.

Our home inspection services are performed for buyers in the following situations:

Home Inspection Services
  • Pre-owned Home Inspections
  • Final Phase Inspection of New Construction Homes
  • New Construction Phased Inspections consisting of 3 inspections:
    1. Foundation pre-placement (aka pre pour) inspection
    2. Frame (pre-drywall) inspection
    3. Final Phase of Construction
  • 1 Year & 2 Year Builder Warranty Inspections
  • Seller or Listing Inspections
  • Homeowner Maintenance Inspections